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Meet our Instructors


Ballet: Amna has been a part of Shirley Shalaby Academy since 2006 Amna has attended various classes at Shirley Shalaby Academy like Hip Hop, Jazz, and Ballet. Amna is now teaching young students the art of Ballet. Amna is heading the Shirley Shalaby Ballet Academy Branch at the Metropolitan School and the Yellow Sparrow Nursery in Fifth Settlement.

Dalia Yousry

Make-Up: Based in Cairo, Dalia Yousry is a freelance Egyptian-Bahraini professional makeup artist and beauty blogger. Obsessed with everything beautiful, Dalia is endowed with a natural sense of style and highly diverse creative abilities, and continuously seeks to excel in her profession through teaching and professional collaborations. Dalia was trained by many professional makeup artists and is certified from Shirley Shalaby Modeling & Finishing Institute, Adolfo Martin Quesada (Official Make-Up Artist for Giorgio Armani) and Samer Khouzami.


Ireny is a certified Spinning, Group Fitness, Yoga, and Zumba. She is now teaching Yoga and Zumba at Shirley Shalaby Academy. She obtained an international certificate at Udemy Academy, Fitness Group Certificate including Cardiologie, Toning, and Step. Yoga Flow International Certificate at Safe Academy and Spinning International Certificate obtained at Matt dog Academy.

Karina Shalaby

Catwalk Modeling, Etiquette and Savoir-Faire: Karina was raised in the world of etiquette, style and image building, having worked alongside her mother to found the Children's Modeling and Savoir-Faire program. At Shirley Shalaby Modeling and Finishing Institute, she has coached young teens, children, women and men, on all aspects of professional modeling, social and business etiquette, table manners, body language, deportment, as well as color, style and body analysis.Karina is certified in Advanced Image Consulting and Professional Development from the London Image Institute. She brings twenty years of experience from the fashion industry, having walked the runway in Cairo, Paris, Montreal and Washington DC.

Mohamed Bella

Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap Dance: A favorite of our little dancers, Mohamed Bella is our professional Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap Dance Instructor since 2005. He enjoys a long career as a dancer, choreographer, and performer in the renowned Reda Folkloric Troupe in Egypt, the Milan Folkloric Troupe in Milan, the International Caracalla Dance Troupe and Waleed Awni Dance Company in Cairo. He obtained several diplomas in Milan, New York and Turkey as well as trophies from local and international competitions. He has participated in several movies and TV commercials in Egypt and the Middle East.

Younan EL Hennawy

Salsa: Younan is the Lead Salsa Instructor at Shirley Shalaby Modeling & Finishing Institute and teaches salsa there since 2008. Salsa is the renowned international ballroom dance of Cuban origin that brings dancers together and builds a community. He participated at several dance festivals and popular performances throughout Egypt and in Doha, Qatar.

Meet our Instructors

Captain Nahed Magdy

Aerobics, Fitness & Belly Dance: Coming to us from Al Ahly Club, where she has been training and teaching for 18 years to this day, Captain Nahed is a regular coach at Al Zohour Club, Wadi Degla, Cairo Stadium and since 2007 at Shirley Shalaby Modeling and Finishing Institute since. She offers fun and dynamic classes in fitness, aerobics, cardio, bar stretching, step, exercise ball, and belly dancing.

Habiba Ghaleb

Ballet: Habiba started as a young student at Shirley Shalaby Modeling & Finishing Institute, having enrolled in ballet, modern dance, tap and Children's Modeling & Savoir-Faire programs ever since she was 6 years old. Since then, Habiba grew up with us and is now our very own ballet instructor for beginners. She is a very dedicated and dynamic young teacher.


Ballet: Janna is a Ballet Dancer and performer since the age of 5. Janna is now teaching, coaching and heading the Adult Ballet workshops at Shirley Shalaby Academy.


Ballet: Mireille attended classical Ballet classes ever since she was 6.  She's now teaching classical Ballet to several levels and ages at Shirley Shalaby Academy.

Mona Magdy

Ballet: Mona is a ballet instructor at Shirley Shalaby Modeling & Finishing Institute for advanced levels. A graduate of Information Technology from the Faculty of Arts of Ain Shams University, she started training in classical ballet at the Al-Shams Club Ballet Academy at the age of 5. Throughout her career she represented Egypt twice at ballet competitions in Turkey. She also plays handball and basketball and enjoys music and piano.

Ask Shirley..

You may use this form to ask Shirley questions about etiquette, style, and emotional intelligence.